How to test log statements in Spring

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Recently, I discovered a great feature that can help you verify Spring's log statements. It can be used to either check the presence of the statements (including other all types of log levels) as well as assert the content of the log message itself. It's worth noting that this feature is only available since Spring Boot 2.2 and only compatible with Junit 5 since it makes use of @ExtendWith annotation.


Let's assume, we have the following class that is needed to be tested:

If you're not using Lombok and @Slf4j is not familiar to you, the above snippet would be an equivalent of the following:


The following code will assure that a correct log message is produced:

Since we use .contains method, it is also possible to verify only specific parts of your logging statement. To check the log level simply add the following line:

It's not an ideal solution (since the log message may have conflicting output). However, for the majority of cases, it will do the job.

More information and examples can be also found in the official Spring Documentation