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July 2018 - Present
Full Stack Developer

Develop highly performant, future-proof enterprise level React applications from the ground up by using software best practices. Deliver high-quality results in a short period of time. Form interaction with third-parties such as Restful Web Services, Content Management Systems and Website Form Builders. Communicate and establish points of integrations with other teams. Use Redux to solve State Management challenges as well as a unified mechanism for fetching resources. Prevent software and code issues by writing meaningful unit tests with help of tools such as Jest and Enzyme. Utilize Jenkins as a continuous delivery tool. Address issues in the Gradle build system for Web Services. Perform "React to Angular" migrations to provide component library compatibility and support across different set of frameworks.

January 2018 - July 2018
Software Developer

Helped to decouple large monolithic multipage application based on Java SpringBoot MVC on a back-end and AngularJS on a front-end into separate codebases to manage each project independently. This constituted a proper way for migration from AngularJS to Angular2+. Play one of the key roles in the upgrade process. Implement Angular components, services and libraries using NX enterprise extensions to build scalable architecture with reusable code for the complex application with 20+ countries & languages. In addition to that, helped to develop a build process in NodeJS that creates localized applications for specific countries which can be deployed to AWS CloudFront as independent applications for maintainability and faster performance.

December 2016 - December 2017
Front-End Developer

Implement user-friendly UI based on design provided by UX/UI designer. Write modular, future-friendly, mobile-first CSS with help of LESS, SASS preprocessors and methodologies like BEM. Extend default JavaScript functionality by using jQuery and its plugins. Develop & use polyfill/fallback mechanisms written in JavaScript & jQuery & CSS with help of Modernizr to support older browsers. Write JavaScript code in objected oriented way by using prototype supported in ES5 and native classes, objects, getters, setters, modules, imports and exports supported in newer JavaScript standard ES6.

April 2016 – Oct 2016
Front-End Developer

Prototype, write and maintain TypeScript SDK for Angular2(4) application. Created dynamic web-app using Google Places API and Google Geocoding API. Integrate Angular with legacy technologies like JQuery and other frameworks like Semantic UI. Combine embedded WebPack configuration with Gulp. Use Spring Boot as a Back End. Constantly optimize application, its scalability and cost by using AWS (S3, ElasticBeanstalk and others).

September 2014 – Nov 2016
Front-End Developer

Developed web-sites to facilitate and expand client’s business. Helped customer to determine their audience, business needs and goals. Used client provided information to create a design and implement static pages with HTML & CSS & JavaScript with pursuing SEO optimization. Transformed static HTML into dynamic, content-manageable web-site with WordPress. Maximized conversion rates using Google Analytics. Applied best in class SEO strategies to increase awareness and improve sales.

May 2014 - March 2016
Software testing Engineer

Performed manual & automated testing for web applications. Used quality assurance processes such as functional testing (compatibility, integration, i18n & localization, GUI) and change-related testing (confirmation, regression). Participated in a team with strong Scrum experience. Was constantly involved into daily stand-up, sprint-planning, retrospective meetings and grooming sessions. Used JIRA as a main bug-tracker tool. Acted as a Business Analyst: communicated with the client to find out & clarify Business Requirements. Created new and updated existing test cases to increase application quality and test-coverage.

2013 - 2014
Telecommunication engineering
Polytechnic University of Turin

Learned: Operating systems (Linux's kernel, bash/awk), programming languages and algorithms, networks based on cisco program

2009 - 2014
Information & Measurement Technology (Bachelor)
Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

Performed research and implemented an application for ADAM-5510 controller. Wrote software fo SCADA systems and PLCs. Worked with Microsoft technologies (like ActiveX and others).

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